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Podcasts and Articles about Social Entrepreneurship you need to know

Can you imagine if the plastic waste in the oceans could be turned into something useful, such as parasols? Or

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Social entrepreneurship in the times of Covid-19

It is economically or socially disadvantaged communities that are hit the hardest by this pandemic. What are the reasons and how did they deal with it?

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The most famous social entrepreneurship examples abroad

Ashoka, TOMS shoes and other examples of successful social enterprises.


Social entrepreneurship, SDGs and statistics

At the first look, you could have asked yourself: What do social entrepreneurship and sustainable development goals have in common?

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Youth Unemployment & Social Entrepreneurship

While youth employment is remaining a global challenge and a top policy concern, youth entrepreneurship has been attracting increasing attention of policy makers for its potential to play an important role in facilitating the entry of young people into the labour market.

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Case of Slovakia: Act on social entrepreneurship: What does it change?

Having legislation that would define social entrepreneurship is still a struggle in some of the European countries (including Czech Republic

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What is a Social Entrepreneurship?

Social enterprise combines entrepreneurial activity with a social purpose and the main aim is to have a social impact, rather than maximize profit.