KLIK event: getting ready for summer

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KLIK event: getting ready for summer

On Thursday 17th of June 2021 KLIK, the event organized by Mladiinfo Slovensko took place. It was an online event for students graduating from high schools and universities and its aim was to inspire people to spend their summer holiday actively. We encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunities for education and upskilling programs offered by Slovak organizations.  KLIK was focused on non-formal education for young people which is one of the main topics of Mladiinfo Slovakia for more than 10 years.

Here are the most important information about the organizations, their offer and opportunities for self-development for young people.

During two hours through ZOOM, we connected the students free of charge with the organizations SAIA, INEX, NEXTERIA, Za hranie s hudbou, AIESEC, AJ ty v IT, which work in the field of non-formal education.The participants had a unique opportunity to talk to the program coordinators and the organizations gave them useful tips on how to successfully get into leadership programs or how to obtain a scholarship. They learned about its benefits and how to develop their own skills. 

The main part of the program consisted of 5 speeches given by valuable guests, who shared their experiences gained through non-formal education and the impact on their quality of life and career. The spokers: Emma Miklášová, a final year student at LEAF Academy and organizer of TEDxYouth @ Bratislava, Michaela Eliášová, traveler, instagrammer and blogger known as Jašterka Menny, Dominik Hamaj, co-founder of the Slovak Association for Development of Innovation in Education, student Paulína Vicenová, who talked about her Oxford dream and our Lucia Dutková, who represented volunteering and its aspects. You can watch their speeches on our YouTube channel here.

Interesting thoughts from the event

“Find your dream and work on it. Set goals for yourself. Make a plan and strategy. Choose a way that will enrich you in other ways than just getting you to your destination. Implement your plan and don’t be afraid to see obstacles as challenges.”

Paulína Vicenová

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“Keep a positive mindset. Don’t be afraid to take “cheeky steps” sometimes. Make the most of the bad situation to turn it into the best one.”

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“Even though I’ve never worked on such a big event (TEDx) before, I signed up and wanted to try it out.  I told myself to be strong and go for it: it was the best strategy. Many activities will get you interesting opportunities. Surround yourself with active people who will inspire you and will help you move you forward. Find a mentor in the field you are interested in – it’s beneficial. Don’t be afraid, look for opportunities and ask questions (also teachers). Even an unpaid internship can give you a lot and you will realize what you want to do in the future. Volunteering will also improve your CV.”

Emma Miklášová

“My friends ask me why I work somewhere for free and don’t find a job, but it has a deeper meaning. Volunteering is not just about manual work, it is about various forms of volunteering. Thanks to volunteering, I got internships, and instead of a part-time job I have an internship at a company where I work on what I like to do.”

“Thanks to volunteering, we can make the world around us better. Volunteering can substantially change others’ opinion about you: you will be one step ahead because your CV will not be empty.”

Lucia Dutková

So, these were the most interesting and apt thoughts that speakers told us. Do you like any of them?

KLIK was created as a reaction to the online academy, which we implemented as part of the Social Innovators Network (SIN) project. We also perceive the need to differentiate ourselves for young graduates when looking for a new job, which was also confirmed by the guests of the previous LIVE TALKs of Mladiinfo Slovakia. The negative consequences and impacts of the corona changed the lives of all students, so KLIK tried to facilitate the mediation of experiences for young people in Slovakia and abroad, thus supporting their development.

We want to thank the speakers, organisations and participants for taking their time and sharing their experience.

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