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Indiánky: two young entrepreneurs spreading awareness about fertility disorders

Anna Sedláková and Karolína Krejčová are the founders of Indiánky, the first non-profit organization focusing on fertility disorders. Both were diagnosed with a little known polycystic ovary syndrome, which is associated with hormonal imbalance and can lead to infertility. And it was the lack of information and support in this regard that has led them

Interview ethical and ecological brand making products from textile and plastic waste

Tomáš is a manager with real- life experience from Europe, North America and Eastern Africa, where he coordinated development and humanitarian projects. He is a consultant to Slovak national and European strategies and policies. He participated in international programmes led by the United Nations and founded an eco-social brand called Where can I find


Social entrepreneurship, SDGs and statistics

At the first look, you could have asked yourself: What do social entrepreneurship and sustainable development goals have in common? Before we dive into statistical details let’s have a look at the definition of both terms.  Sustainable development goals, also known as SDG’s, were adopted in September 2015 by 195 countries as an agenda to be

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Mladiinfo Live Talk III.: What is Social Entrepreneurship?

We organised the first live talk on social entrepreneurship on Thursday January 21. The live talk was held in Slovak language and we had the opportunity to meet three amazing social entrepreneurs. If you speak Slovak, feel free to watch the discussion on Facebook. If you do not speak Slovak, don’t worry, you will find

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Youth Unemployment & Social Entrepreneurship

While youth employment is remaining a global challenge and a top policy concern, youth entrepreneurship has been attracting increasing attention of policy makers for its potential to play an important role in facilitating the entry of young people into the labour market.


Šumné: Clothing Library aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of manufactured clothing

Who is the founder of this initiative? Let us introduce you, Dominika, young Slovak woman dedicated to topics of strategic philanthropy, project management and people management. In her free time, she drives the Šumné project focused on the rental of quality and local clothing. Šumné is striving for an alternative leading to sustainable clothing, saving

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Case of Slovakia: Act on social entrepreneurship: What does it change?

Having legislation that would define social entrepreneurship is still a struggle in some of the European countries (including Czech Republic and Hungary). Slovakia, as one of the counties we focus on in this project, has accepted the Act nr. 112/2018 Z.z. on social economy and on social entrepreneurship and on changes and amendments to some

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Programs and Networks Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship

Throughout the last decades, entrepreneurship has become more and more widespread among people all over the world, becoming more accessible and attractive even for young people. It is desirable that more and more young people take initiative and try their hands at entrepreneurship. Besides leading to overall development of society, youth entrepreneurship can help sustain